Learn how to last longer in bed


Having trouble lasting in bed?

Let’s face it. No woman wants a two pump chump fucking her in bed. Women in general need a lot of time and foreplay to give them that mind blowing orgasm that they all desperately want and need. If you’re blowing your load the second she takes her shirt off, chances are you aren’t going to want to be spending the next 40 minutes eating her pussy or massaging her clit, resulting in one hell of a dissatisfied girlfriend.

If that’s you, don’t be surprised if your girl leaves you for the stud next door who can fuck her for hours on end.

So what can you do?

Don’t let your lack of stamina be the cause of losing the woman in your life. The Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit was designed to help give you the stamina you need. This specially designed Fleshlight was made to help you last longer in bed. You can practice over and over until you’re to the point that you can hump for hours on end. This kit also comes with a downloadable e-book that’s filled with tips to help you last longer.

Don’t be a two pump chump. Purchase the Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit today, and learn how to give the woman in your life the hours upon hours of mind blowing sex she deserves.

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The right way to clean your Fleshlight

Cleaning your Fleshlight is remarkably simple. Once you’re finished using it, simply run it under warm water, then allow to air dry. Contrary to what you might have read elsewhere on the internet, you NEVER USE SOAP to clean the Real Feel Skin sleeve in your Fleshlight. Soap contains chemicals that may damage the material beyond use.

If your Fleshlight sleeve is really dirty, you may use a small amount of  isopropyl Alcohol.

Visit the Lube and Care page at Fleshlight.com for cleaning products

Once clean allow the Fleshlight to air dry before storing it away. Do not towel dry or blow dry. To help maintain the super soft texture, you may spread an ample amount of corn starch on the sleeve, shaking off the excess. The company that makes Fleshlight also recommends that you NEVER USE BABY POWDER on the sleeve. Remember, corn starch yes, baby powder no.

So that’s it when it comes to keeping your Fleshlight and Real Feel Skin sleeve clean. Rinse it under warm water, NO SOAP. Allow to air dry completely before storing. To maintain the super smooth feel, apply ample amounts of corn starch and NEVER USE BABY POWDER.

Follow these steps and your Fleshlight with have a long and happy life.

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The benefits of using a Fleshlight


Why jerking off with your hand is bad
As every man knows, there are certain drawbacks to jerking off with your bare hand. From decreased penis sensation to painful penile burns from chafed or calloused hands, jerking off with your hand can sometimes be a painful thing.

Fleshlight to the rescue!
Fear not. There is a solution to all your masturbatory problems. Aside from having a woman around 24/7 standing by ready to suck your dick , the Fleshlight is the next best thing. The Fleshlight was made to simulate a real live vagina. Made out of a soft and silky flesh like material, the Fleshlight will NOT burn your dick, will not decrease your natural sensitivity and will not leave your hands all wrinkly from the excessive moisture that comes from using lube while jerking off.

The Fleshlight is more sanitary than your gym sock
Best of all the Fleshlight is easy to wash and clean and is completely sanitary. Your used gym sock is not. In fact im guessing that sock is filled with a bunch of germs, bacteria and other assorted disgusting creatures just waiting to enter your cock. Trust me, it’s not clean.

What are you waiting for?
So if you’re wondering whether or not using a Fleshlight might be beneficial to you, take some time and think of all the reasons why I just explained why jerking off with your hand is such a bad thing. The Fleshlight is the only natural solution.

Get your own Fleshlight right now

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More women enjoy watching men use Fleshlight on themselves

More and more women are getting into the whole Fleshlight spirit. According to a thread on the Fleshlight Forum, it seems as if the ladies actually enjoy watching their men use the Fleshlight on themselves. Of course, it’s been well known that lot’s of women actually like to use the Fleshlight on their men themselves, but just sitting their and watching seems to be gaining ground in creating a whole new fetish.

What do you think ladies? Is this something you could get into yourselves?

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Fleshlight offers Lindsay Lohan $1 million to model her coochie

Hollywood producers may want nothing to do with her but Fleshlight sure as hell does. Fleshlight has reportedly offered bad girl Lindsay Lohan $1million to pose for the sex toy company. Or more specifically they want to make a Fleshlight model out of Lindsays you know what so that millions of men all over the world can experience the pleasure and sensation of Lindsays vagina clutching their dicks.

Lindsays reps have so far offered no comment on the matter.

Posted on Thursday, November 17th, 2011
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